Pedagogical Guidelines

One of the important outputs of AMASE are the pedagogical guidelines that can be consulted by the teachers and other educators.

The guidelines incorporate the following information:
  • The pedagogical principles of AMASE on how you can bring complex subject matters in general and the field of Advanced Materials Sciences in the classroom both in an attractive way and with a solid scientific basis.
    To the AMASE pedagogy
  • Information on how to use the learning modules (goals, summary, possible learning activities, inclusion of the game and other ICT-tools …) in the form of educational cards.
    How to use the AMASE learning materials?
  • Instructions on the methodology of Practitioner Inquiry and how to use it to inquire and improve the learning modules and the AMASE practice within the classroom.
    How to perform Teacher Research?
    Optimize your practice question with a Litmus Test. Be inspired by this example.
    Teacher Research Conclusion Template.

The pedagogical principles start from the educational questions: Why? For Whom? What? How?

Strengthen your abilities as a teacher, underpin your Pedagogical Content Knowledge and be part of a Teacher Design & Research Team (TDRT). Get help from scientists, educators and game developers.