AMASE wants to support teachers to bridge the gap between advanced technologies in the real world and STEM education in the classroom for students from 12-18 years old. It wants to enable the students to transfer STEM knowledge from the classroom into the real world of scientific research & technology and vice versa and hence enhancing the motivation of students for choosing STEM related subjects. This way students get insight in the real world of advanced research and its applications including 21st century challenges like sustainability, eliminating pollution, combating diseases...

Moreover, the project plans to build long lasting relationships between researchers and educators that can be easily expanded to other scientific fields. By bringing Advanced Materials in the classroom, the project aims to obtain following goals:
  • Stimulate teachers on bringing complex subject matters, more specific Advanced Materials sciences, in an attractive way to students of 12-18 years old. Often teachers think that advanced research cannot be brought in the classroom because the topics are far too difficult. AMASE wants to take away that fear and show to teachers how they can fascinate teenagers for rather complicated subjects.
  • Get 12-18 years old students directly in touch with advanced technologies in the classroom, giving them a positive mindset towards STEM, advanced technologies and Advanced Materials and motivating them to choose a STEM profession.
  • Make students aware of the importance of Advanced Materials for the creation of a sustainable future without the loss of quality of life; making them acquire a positive attitude towards Advanced Materials based on solid scientific knowledge. AMASE aims for long living results by establishing a Community of Practice  between educators (teachers, school heads, …) and researchers (both Advance Materials and educational researchers) and between students and researchers.